Without Special Equipment, 9 These Gym Moves You Can Do at Home!

Many people still associate weight loss and muscle building programs with having to go to the gym . Because many people think that the easiest way is with the help of these gym equipment . Though many sports movements can be done without the help of special tools. Of all possible movements, here are 9 examples of the easiest movements!

1. Push up can be done anywhere

This is a movement without the best equipment you can do anywhere. Because this movement involves a lot of muscle groups, this movement is very effective in burning fat and can support your muscle formation.

2. Squat only requires a stable surface

This movement will greatly strengthen your leg muscles. You can also provide various variations to simultaneously train your balance muscles.

3. Bench dip only requires something strong to support your body

You can use a bench or chair to help you. This movement is good for the formation of chest muscles and triceps.

4. Doing burpee is really easy

This movement involving the whole body can burn calories far better than any cardio exercise. The intensity of the movement will greatly affect the formation of the muscles of the arms, chest and legs.

5. Lunge you can do while listening to the boom of your favorite music

Movement to hold the weight of the body to train the other leg, but different from the squat . This movement will train the back of your thighs and balance muscles (especially the back of the buttocks).

6. The jump box will greatly train your legs

You can use a chair or cardboard if you want to be safer. This movement will not only train your leg strength, but also push your muscles.

7. Plank does look easy at a glance, but don’t underestimate it

This movement is very good for training your physical body balance. Variations in movement with varying degrees of difficulty will greatly test your balance muscles.

8. Every now and then you need to try kicking a deer

Maybe it can be compared with push ups but in other variations. This movement will greatly train your shoulder muscles.

9. The shadow boxing is not a special move, but easy easy exercise

Even though this exercise does not require strong endurance, the maximum speed that you can muster will move your arms, your shoulders and your intimate muscles so that you can make your heart beat fast. Not only that, this sport also looks cool even though you don’t have a hit target.

I certainly can’t wait to try it right? Directly plan now for the schedule and where you will do it. Also tell your friends, who knows they are also interested in doing it too and can encourage each other with you.

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