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Without Special Equipment, 9 These Gym Moves You Can Do at Home!

Many people still associate weight loss and muscle building programs with having to go to the gym . Because many people think that the easiest way is with the help of these gym equipment . Though many sports movements can be done without the help of special tools. Of all possible movements, here are 9 examples of the easiest movements! 1. Push up can be […]


3 Amazing Benefits of Sago Caterpillars for Body Health (Dare to Try?)

Sago eating must be normal, then what about eating sago caterpillars? Sago caterpillar is a typical food of eastern Indonesia. Although most people feel disgusted with this food, sago caterpillar is considered a nutrient-rich food, you know. What are the benefits of eating sago caterpillars? Let’s find out more about the following characteristics and benefits of sago caterpillars. Various foods from […]