Letting the baby cry to fall asleep, is this method right for the child?

Practicing the method of baby sleep is indeed important for some parents. However, there are things that often make doubts. What are the facts?

Some parents impose a method of infant sleep with the ‘independent sleep method’, which is to let the baby cry until he falls asleep on his own. However, not all parents agree with this sleep method.

In fact, there are several methods that work better than letting the baby cry to fall asleep, such as ensuring a consistent sleep time every day. Because basically, every baby is different and requires a different sleep method.

Let’s look at some common myths about training the baby’s sleep method and how much sleep your child needs!

Myths and facts about the method of baby sleep

Myth # 1: If I let my child cry, he will hate me

A study conducted by researchers from Flinders University in Australia found that letting your baby cry for sleep does not affect the bond between parents and children.

It is natural to feel guilty if you let the baby cry to sleep. And even though this method is controversial, this is one of the many effective ways to shape sleep patterns.

Myth # 2: I can’t share a room with my baby if I’m practicing the sleep method

It’s natural and normal when your child sleeps in the same place as Ada. This allows him to feel safer and more comfortable knowing his parents are around him, and also makes it easier to breastfeed.

However, make sure that you give your baby a separate bed. Let him sleep in a basket or baby cot.

Myth # 3: After I practice the baby sleep method, he will not have trouble sleeping again


No human can sleep all night. We tend to wake up, just change sleeping positions, or go to the bathroom.

Likewise, your baby will also wake up and roll over and maybe cry, even after being trained in the baby’s sleep method. This is part of the natural process.

But, how they overcome it and learn to go back to sleep is what counts. If they do it, that means you have successfully trained your baby’s sleep method.

You can even try the scheduled wake-up method, where you wake the baby up to 15-20 minutes before he finally wakes up. However, you can also try different techniques so that you know what’s best for your child. 

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