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Reasons for Using Toupee and How to Take Care of It

The use of wigs is an option to increase self-confidence. Besides being aimed at aesthetic purposes, the use of fake hair is also sometimes intended for medical reasons , for example in people who experience baldness due to the side effects of chemotherapy . There are many choices of wigs that can be used to increase one’s confidence . Factors that can be taken into […]

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Stay Beautiful in your 30s with this Skin Care

Increasing age is not an excuse to not have a healthy skin , you know . At the age of 30 , you can still get healthy skin, with proper care. Entering the 30s, skin conditions will tend to be drier, sensitive, and tend to thin out. In addition, in general at the age of 30, several skin problems began to emerge, such as […]

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8 These Objects You Can’t Lend Again

Consider again if you often exchange loans for clothes or make up with friends. Because, exchanging personal objects with other people at risk of transmitting various diseases that may have symptoms not yet seen. One study found an astonishing fact that a number of tester or makeup samples provided to be tried in the big stores containing the bacteria E. coli , Staphylococcus and Streptococcus . The bacteria […]