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The Right Natural Way to Handle Stomach Twists

Almost everyone has felt a stomach ache. Generally, abdominal pain is a term used to describe blunt pain in the abdomen or abdominal cramps. One form of abdominal pain that is often complained of is stomach twisting. Many conditions and diseases can cause abdominal pain to wrap around. Diseases and problems in the gastrointestinal organs such as the intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder […]


Can a ruptured eardrum heal? What is the cure?

What happens if your ear drum breaks? Of course you will experience hearing loss. Sounds terrible. However, can a ruptured eardrum heal? Is it possible for someone who has ruptured the eardrum to get his hearing back? Here’s the explanation. 1. Apparently, a ruptured eardrum can heal by itself! Although it sounds terrible, in fact the broken eardrum can […]


3 Amazing Benefits of Sago Caterpillars for Body Health (Dare to Try?)

Sago eating must be normal, then what about eating sago caterpillars? Sago caterpillar is a typical food of eastern Indonesia. Although most people feel disgusted with this food, sago caterpillar is considered a nutrient-rich food, you know. What are the benefits of eating sago caterpillars? Let’s find out more about the following characteristics and benefits of sago caterpillars. Various foods from […]