5 Traveling Facts That Can Shape Your Character Better

Doing a trip or the current term  “traveling”  has been a  trending topic for the past few years. Not only for young people, children and parents also participate. Either it just wants to follow the trend or indeed wants to take advantage of time with the closest people. Now, places in remote parts of Indonesia are finally becoming known. People come and want to witness one after another. This is certainly good for the development of tourism in Indonesia. It’s just that, it is hoped that the community can maintain that beauty.

Behind these facts, it turns out there are interesting facts about traveling that might not be known. What’s up?

1. Not just refreshing, with traveling you will learn many things

Every trip that is done certainly has its own impression for everyone. Even if someone has visited place A, the impression will be different when he returns with a different person. That is what is called a journey. Parts in life are always full of surprises.

Visiting new places will certainly help you unwind. However,  traveling  has a value that is more than just refreshing the brain. During the trip, you will meet many people. Of course with a variety of backgrounds too. It’s not impossible that you will share stories. You might meet a parking attendant who won’t set a price for his services, but smiles sincerely to everyone who parked in his stall. 

Or, you can directly hear the struggle of a cafe owner who started his business from scratch. From these stories slowly you will find the meaning of a dream, hope and also life.

2. Teach about the values ​​of goodness that can strengthen your heart against trials

It’s not right if someone thinks that  traveling  is an activity for fun. Spending hard-earned money for months. For temporary pleasure. In fact, if you are able to interpret it deeper, this is actually migrating in the millennial era.

If in the past the era of the Prophet migrated was a way of spreading goodness through preaching, now  traveling  is another way to emulate the value of emigrating. How they in that era continued to do good things on every trip. Regardless of whether the people around them are friends or opponents. They always do good and always pray that the people around them get protection from God.

You will find something similar during the trip. Meet unexpected activities about those who share selflessly. For example, when visiting a new area. It is not impossible if there are mothers who will hold your hand, take you to the destination. 

Or at least he will give instructions to the public transport driver, to ensure you will arrive safely at the hostel which will be a stopover. You don’t know each other, but he is willing to help you in trouble. See? There are still many good people out there right?

3. Share fortune with those who are also struggling in steadfastness

Traveling  is the only thing that will make you more rich. How come? Because here, you will learn about sharing. Share every piece of rupiah that is actually His. 

By doing  traveling , it means that you have shared fortune with parking attendants, tourist ticket guards, Burjo stall owners and many others. Imagine what if no one traveled? There are no buyers in food stalls? Fortune will continue to spin and be distributed according to their respective sizes. So don’t worry to occasionally schedule a  trip  !

4. Make you more open in assessing a problem

You will find various problems while  traveling . Missed the train, a group of people who are on vacation but hebohnya  God forbid , or get lost in the middle of nowhere. These problems might upset you, but your  mood for travel should not be lost. Because of these problems you will become more mature in making decisions and being open in evaluating things. And all of this you won’t get in school or college.

5. Your personal printing is not easy to give up

Without realizing it, the more often you do traveling , it will form positive thoughts in you. By itself, your presence will provide positive energy. Not only for people around, but also yourself. The lessons about life that you have studied make you not give up easily. You will know that life does need a struggle. Just like traveling activities that have been done.

Doing  traveling  is always fun. Beautiful places that are still far from the media spotlight are mere bonuses. The lessons about life that you get are those that have valuable values. These lessons will educate you to be a different person, who values ​​your fellow creatures more.

What? Are you ready to pack your things and learn the next life lesson?

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