5 Things You Must Look For When Carrying Cosmetics in an Airplane!

When we decide to travel or travel by plane, of course we must obey the rules stated on the plane. One of the rules that must be adhered to is about cosmetics that may enter the aircraft cabin and which are not. Because as we know, cosmetics are not always safe and friendly, they are carried in certain places, including on the plane. When deciding to bring cosmetics, these are five things you must pay attention to and obey!

1. Follow the rules for liquid products when entering the cabin

For cosmetics made from liquid, gel or aerosol there are actually rules that you must obey. Usually this product will be accepted if the net or net content in the product is less than 100 mL. Because if the product you carry with a volume of more than 100 mL will usually be separated in a place. So, as long as the liquid cosmetics that you carry are less than 100 mL net, actually it’s legitimate for you to carry when traveling. This is actually intended for the safety of passengers and flight crew.

2. Sharp beauty tools such as nail clippers and tweezers are prohibited from entering the plane

It is better to think again when you decide to bring a beauty tool when traveling by plane because it is clearly not permitted. These objects are sharp objects, therefore to ensure the safety of the passengers these objects will not escape into the plane. It’s better to take cosmetics as needed, you don’t need to carry these items.

3. Store items in different places

Of course when traveling, you have to put cosmetics in different places. For example for brushes, place them in one special container and so for skin care. Do not place in one container all the cosmetics you carry. This aims to prevent overpacking or overloading. Besides that, you should use a small size container so that you don’t have trouble when traveling.

4. It is better not to bring beauty products made from aerosols

In point number one, actually aerosol products can still enter the plane even though they must be placed in a special place. But you better not bring this product especially in large quantities. Aerosols are expansive and their boiling points tend to be low, rather than you risking your safety better this product should not be taken.

5. Tidy up cosmetics to be brought to minimize spillage or damage

Finally, do not just put cosmetics in a container without tidying them up. Your cosmetics can be damaged even overflowing everywhere when you put it in a container without tidying it up. More for skincare, it’s better to close tightly and be careful in storing because if it’s spilled, of course it’s unfortunate right?

Prepare your trip well!

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